How does Weight Loss Probiotics Helps you Naturally?

Probiotics are supplements (such as  water kefir , yogurt, chukrut, etc.) made from commensal bacteria that we have inside the gastrointestinal tract which have demonstrated a high capacity to contribute to weight loss. This new method arose from an investigation in which it was demonstrated that a predominant factor in obesity is the presence of an important imbalance in the intestinal flora.

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That is to say, the obese ones possess in excess a type of bacteria that proliferate with the increase of the body fat, these bacteria steal the energy that the nutrients contribute and then they cannot be used by the human body. The method of work of the probiotics is to correct that bacterial population by eliminating them and putting in their place another type of bacteria that will help in digestion but will not consume the nutrients offered by food. There is a common confusion between prebiotics and probiotics as synonymous terms and this is not the case, probiotics as I mentioned are food supplements loaded with bacteria responsible for helping within our intestinal flora. An example of these are yogurts combined with some fruit; On the other hand, prebiotics are edible elements without any live microorganism which have different compounds that promote bacterial proliferation within the colon to restore it if they have been lost, this will improve the defecation process.

“In other words, probiotics are live bacteria in a supplement that is ingested to control intestinal flora and prebiotics are chemical elements that will increase the number of bacteria in the colon”.

How do Probiotics Help me Lose Weight?

The gastrointestinal tract is populated by numerous bacteria that live and work in the human digestive process, these bacteria are unique to each individual since they proliferate or grow depending on the food they consume, and in turn they are influenced by health, genetics and interaction with the environment in which we operate. The most common presentation of probiotics is in capsules and they allow progressive weight loss because they consume a sensation of fullness, reduce continuous hunger, strengthen the immune system because they expose it to bacteria other than the usual ones and the most important are bacteria intended to enhance the elimination of body fat. Probiotics have the ability to produce satiety or a feeling of fullness because Ghrelin levels decrease   which is a hormone in charge of sending a message to the brain to indicate that how is the individual’s level of appetite. On the other hand, the probiotic increases the concentrations of adipopeptin , this is an enzyme that works in the degradation of lipids and carbohydrates by converting them into molecules that are easily eliminated by feces, which also helps to decrease the plasma concentrations of triglycerides and LDL. (Bad cholesterol). Another function of probiotics is to reduce the diameter of adipocytes, this with the purpose of reducing fat deposits in the body, which is a favorable point against fatty liver (hepatic steatosis).

Who can’t Take Probiotics?

Like any artificial component there are some indications for its consumption, mainly to consume probiotics you must be sure of being a totally healthy person since you will be ingesting bacteria that in some way or another are pathogenic microorganisms for the human body. Clarified that probiotics are contraindicated in those patients whose immune system is suppressed or weak, as is the case of patients who have a chronic disease that compromises them as cancer or HIV-AIDS. Another type of people who should not consume probiotics are those who have artificial heart valves or pacemakers inside  ,  as well as those who suffer from  short bowel syndrome , if it is necessary for them to consume probiotics they should be in constant medical check-up just in case It gives an eventuality in your health. Women should also not consume probiotics when they are in periods of pregnancy or breastfeeding because everything they ingest will be transmitted to the baby, it is advisable to consult your doctor beforehand.