What to Eat to Lose Weight in a Healthy Way Easily?

 If you’re looking to lose weight and you’re considering eat to lose weight, you’re on the right track. Dinner is the food of the day that more fattening because what we eat does not burn and depending on the type of food that is, instead of transforming into energy becomes fat. This foundation is so important that some diets based on it have even been created. The best known and important is the 7:00 pm Diet, which restricts in a very radical way the foods that we can take from 7:00 pm. Its advantages are that they limit food only after that hour and the rest of the day we have absolute freedom. If you have eaten well, after the adaptation time you will not go hungry and your stomach will get used to having less and less dinner. In addition, as it is a diet designed for the medium-long term (it is normal to lose between 500-1000 grams per month) you will not suffer the dreaded rebound effect when you decide to return to normal dinner.

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All the information about the Diet of 19 hours. If you are following a diet like this or you just want to know what to eat to lose weight and feel less heavy at night, today we are going to give you some ideas that you can incorporate into your evening menu.

Ideas on What to Eat to Lose Weight

 Hypocaloric Foods:

“The first thing you should keep in mind when choosing to dine to lose weight are the calories of the food you are going to consume”.

Among the most nutritious hypo caloric foods are turkey meat, vegetables, fruits with low fructose levels or fat-free fish (white fish, natural tuna and certain blue fish).

Bet Everything Green:

Salads are one of the best dinners. They have hardly any calories, you can add varied ingredients and the quantity is not restricted. Prepare a good bowl of salad, add a lot of lettuce (it bulges a lot and makes you chew a lot so it has satiating effect) and add your favorite ingredients: tomato, cucumber, a little corn, grated carrots, turkey cubes, white cheese … Forbidden oil-based dressings: if you want to add a touch of flavor opt for a little bit of modena vinegar or a homemade sauce made from a natural skimmed yogurt. Although they are not green, cold or hot vegetable creams are another great option.

Low-Fat Dairy, Your Biggest Allies:

White cheese, a glass of milk, a natural yogurt … There is a lot of variety, you just have to look for the “skimmed” badge and you will have a very healthy idea to know what to eat to lose weight.

A Thousand and One Ways to Make an Egg:

The egg is one of the most complete ingredients in the kitchen. It contributes proteins to your dinner thanks to him, but you must bear in mind that it is not worth cooking it in any way. Although it is forbidden to make it fried, you can make boiled egg, boiled egg, grilled egg or French omelets. Of course, the calories in your yolk are a little higher than the foods we have seen before, so you should not take more than two nights per week.

Tricks the Eye and the Palate:

If you put in front a dish that looks very good, you’ll be cheating on your stomach. Take care of the presentation although in reality the dish has little content. For example, if you prepare a large salad, top it with a pinch of light melted mozzarella cheese.

Foods Prohibited in Slimming Dinners

In addition to knowing that to dine to lose weight, you must also know what NOT to eat during the night. Everything that is generally considered an enemy of diets has room here: fried, precooked, high-fat foods, flours, sweets, sauces and oils. In addition, you should also avoid carbohydrates: during the day they are essential, but at nightfall they change their relationship with our body and bring us more inconveniences than advantages.