Follow this Exercise Routine to Lose Weight and Transform your Body!

Losing weight with exercise routine represents one of the main and most common challenges in society. Achieving your ideal weight is a search that surely gives you many headaches. However, by means of these simple exercises to lose weight your weight will not be a problem. Generally, you tend to submit to strict diets and enroll in the most demanding gyms. If this does not meet your expectations or approach your real goal, you may perform a daily exercise routine from the comfort of your home or in the space of your choice.

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Exercises to Lose Weight, Do it Yourself

The practice of physical activity gives you great and innumerable positive results for your health. Now, weight loss is one of the main and followed by many more. When you lose weight, your whole body begins to work more favorably. There are several exercise routine to lose weight that you can do in your own home without the need to require a coach. 

“These exercises are based on burning calories in a healthy way without over-demanding your body”.

In the beginning you will surely feel your body tired but with the passage of time you will adapt. In this way you can increase your level of demand as the results obtained are greater.

Benefits you Get in your Body When you Exercise

The practice of physical exercises will always bring you beneficial results. Depending on your discipline, you want to train correctly and consistently these results will be greater. We can list some of the main benefits that physical activity gives you:

  • Lose weight more easily.
  • It helps you to reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases as well as obesity.
  • You reduce the amount of fatty acids in your body.
  • You channel and renew your energies constantly.
  • It allows you to deal in a more peaceful way with high levels of stress.
  • If you do the exercises to lose weight from your home, you spend a smaller amount of time because you avoid having to move.

Main Types of Exercises to Lose Weight

There are several exercises with which you can organize a basic routine to fulfill your goal. These practices especially include cardio exercises, which have a greater reception capacity. This is because it does not require great physical effort and are very common. So, the dedication you have to perform the exercises to lose weight will depend on various factors. Motivation is essential as well as organizes certain hours of your time to perform these exercises. Below we recommend some exercises to lose weight, simple and easy to include in your daily routine:


Walking at least 20 minutes a day every day greatly improves blood circulation in your legs. Try short walks in the vicinity of your home or work. The idea is to choose a large space such as the street or a park and take a peaceful walk there.


Squats are exercises that help you eliminate calories through sweat. This way you lose weight while you tone your muscles. The muscles that are most exercised using squats are those of the abdomen, legs and buttocks.


The trot, like the walk, represents an ideal choice to train cardio. In this case, it is also advisable to resort to open areas with space, such as a park or jogging track. A variation to the technique is by performing static trot.

Jump the Rope

It is complete weight loss exercises that will help you lose weight as well as reduce your stress levels. For this you need a rope of medium length. You should allow you to hold it with both hands and pass it over your head and under your feet. Once with the right measure, swing the rope forward and there jump to let it pass.


Abdominals are key exercises used to lose weight and shape the figure. The number of abs that you manage to perform will be proportional to your physical resistance. In this case, you lie on your back on a mat or towel. Flex your legs and position your knees together. Once in this position, begin to tilt your chest and abdomen towards the legs as much as you can.

Endurance Exercise

This activity is based on the resistance of your body to pressures. Stand up on both feet firmly fixed to the floor, open your legs a little so that each foot is parallel to your shoulders. Flex your knees without reaching the ground and resist. You can increase the tension of your legs by standing on the tips of your fingers. As you do this exercise for a while, you start to sweat which will help you lose weight. Implement exercise routines to lose weight represents a healthy habit for your life. It helps you in the prevention of multiple diseases whose prevalence is related to an excess of body weight. In addition, it helps you in the aesthetic conservation of your image to be more pleasant in front of the mirror.

With the realization of these simple physical exercises routine you can reduce your weight and feel much better emotionally and physically. Exercise routine must be accompanied at all times by an abundant consumption of water and a balanced diet.